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2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport


Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Service Date
Services Performed
  • BRAKE INSPECTION: Road test vehicle, visually Inspect the front and rear brake linings, brake hoses, and hydraulic components and advise: RF 6 MM, LF 6 MM RR 10 MM LR 10 MM
  • Clean the throttle body and butterfly valve, clean the mass air flow sensor, induce a cleaner to service the intake valves, intake plenum, combustion chamber, piston tops, + add a concentrated cleaner to the fuel tank. Take advantage of these cleaning chemicals by filling your fuel tank right away!
  • Extract the existing brake fluid, replenish the system with fresh fluid, bleed the system of any air or preexisting brake fluid.
  • Inspect the tire PSI and Inflate to Proper Specifications Front _34____PSI Rear_34____PSI
  • Quote is for 5 quarts of Multi-grade full-synthetic motor oil per manufacturer specifications, additional quarts, grades extra — Drain and refill motor oil — Replace oil filter — Replace oil drain plug sealing washer if applicable — Quick visual inspect of belts and hoses — Check/Top off underhood fluids if serviceable
  • California Recycling Fee
  • Environmental Waste Disposal Fee, EPA ID# CAL000295851
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